Modern interpretation of a split-level home, 2 Bed + 2 Bath 2000sf, built for under $200/sf while employed at LiMN Architects (Now SeK Architect). This house was inspired by both the split-level layout of the existing home, which allowed us to deal with the challenges of a sloping site, and the clients love of Danish Modern furniture which you can see displayed in several pieces located around the home. We wanted to create a sense openness and light in the entire new house while still allowing the private spaces to remain private. The butterfly roof makes the main living area feel more expanse as the volume of the room increases as you go towards the exterior. This roof style also allowed us to include large amounts of clerestory glazing which bring in a large amount of natural light. The client told us that he rarely turns the lights on during the day due to the large number of these high windows and the house stays warm and comfortable year round with a reasonable energy bill. Even though this was not designed as a passive house and was built to code levels of insulation, the attention we put into considering the solar orientation of the house, the size and location of windows, along with the large overhangs to provide shading in the summer, all went a long way to making this home a very comfortable and more efficient place to live.